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New Balance x Herschel NYC Second Capsule Collection Event Preview

Posted on July 11th, by TNBS in FEATURES, News. No Comments

Last night was the New Balance x Herschel New York Second Capsule Collection event preview. Those NB’s was there to grab some images for you. As you can see from the gallery above the New Balance 420 and 710 was on showcase along with their respective matching backpack. The colors include grey, burgundy and army green in both back pack and footwear. What do you think of this upcoming drop? Which would you buy?

  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview8 newbalancexherschelnycpreview8
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview1 newbalancexherschelnycpreview1
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview2 newbalancexherschelnycpreview2
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview12 newbalancexherschelnycpreview12
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview10 newbalancexherschelnycpreview10
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview11 newbalancexherschelnycpreview11
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview9 newbalancexherschelnycpreview9
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview13 newbalancexherschelnycpreview13
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview15 newbalancexherschelnycpreview15
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview14 newbalancexherschelnycpreview14
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview6 newbalancexherschelnycpreview6
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview7 newbalancexherschelnycpreview7
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview5 newbalancexherschelnycpreview5
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview4 newbalancexherschelnycpreview4
  • newbalancexherschelnycpreview3 newbalancexherschelnycpreview3
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