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Retail Spotlight: Off The Hook (OTH) Canada

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Off The Hook (OTH) was founded in Montréal, Canada. With over 14 years of experience, OTH has grown to be one of the most influential retail stores in Canada. Those NB’s caught up with Graeme Anthony the Shoe buyer/ Head Merchandiser to break down how the store deals with the gaining popularity of New Balance. (All photos provided by OTH)

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What are your thoughts on the currently state of the sneaker game?
The sneaker game has been on a high since the release of the Yeezy 2, but it always runs in cycles there are always ups and downs.

What do you feel is the most important part of a New Balance shoe? Why?
Quality is without a doubt what New Balance brings to the sneaker scene, when you put on a pair of NBs you know your getting the best quality sneaker out there.

What makes New Balance memorable?
With over a hundred years of experience making shoes, everyone has worn a New Balance at some point. That kind of tradition makes NB stand out from the crowd.

How do you feel about the amount of New Balances being released? Do you think it will be over saturated?
I think NB has maintained the perfect balance between collab releases and there inline sneakers, and a lot of NBs are still pretty rare, you won’t see them being re-released over and over.

Do you find that your stores sell one silo more than an other?
I have definitely seen the “Ronnie Feig” effect where the 1300 has become popular again and Concepts has brought the 999 back in a big way.

How long have you carried New Balance at your store?
OTH has carried NB for over 10 years now, we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary next year.

What do you take into account when choosing a New Balance shoe for your store?
You always have to look at seasonal trends, but sometimes there is a color way that you just have to have,and no one does classics like NB does it.

What do you see New Balance doing differently than other brands?
I think New Balance really learns from their collaborative projects and takes the elements that work well and adapts them for their inline shoes the following season, so even if you didn’t get your hands on those Salmon soles, you know NB will use some of those elements if future shoes.

Can we expect any collaborations with New Balance and OTH?
We have been working closely with NB for the last few years on in store displays, such as the one we just completed for the Herschel collab, and graphics to go along with the big collab drops for which I rely on one of our graphic designers Luca Bernardino. New Balance and OTH have some amazing things coming up ,so stay tuned.

Any last thoughts or comments on New Balance you want to leave us with?
My two favorite NBs that I own are the Team 33 Stingray and the 1500 by Rezoh.

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